Tablet Mounts & Kiosks

Elevate your tablet experience with our premium range of tablet mounts and kiosks! Featuring adjustable heights, durable materials, and secure locking mechanisms, our mounts cater to Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, or Microsoft tablets. Explore our extensive selection and find the perfect solution for your tablet display needs today!

Discover the Benefits of Our High-Quality Tablet Mounts and Kiosks

Why Invest in a Tablet Mount?

A tablet mount is more than just an accessory; it's a versatile solution that enhances your tablet's functionality. Our mounts offer sturdy support, allowing you to position your tablet for optimal viewing, interaction, and accessibility.

With adjustable heights and angles, our tablet mounts cater to various professional and personal needs, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, and more. Our secure locking mechanisms also provide added security to protect your valuable device.

How Our Tablet Mounts Work

Our tablet mounts are designed with durability and versatility in mind. The adjustable height and angle mechanisms allow you to position your tablet at the perfect angle for your needs. The robust construction ensures your tablet remains stable and secure, while the non-slip pads protect your device from scratches.

Our mounts also feature cable management solutions, keeping your setup neat and organised. Furthermore, the secure locking mechanisms deter theft and tampering, providing peace of mind in public spaces.

Tablet Mounts for the Biggest Tablet Brands: Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, Etc

We provide mounts for the following:

  • Apple tablet mounts
  • Samsung tablet mounts
  • Lenovo tablet mounts
  • Huawei tablet mounts
  • Microsoft tablet mounts
  • …is your brand not listed? Don’t worry!

Our tablet mounts are built with tablet sizes in mind and ALSO tablet brands specific models. Feel free to call us for support or guidance if you are unsure.

Experience Ultimate Flexibility with Adjustable Heights and Angles

Our tablet mounts offer unparalleled versatility, thanks to their adjustable heights and angles. Whether you need to accommodate users of different heights or position your tablet for optimal viewing, our mounts make it easy to achieve the perfect setup.

The adjustable mechanisms ensure you can modify the height and angle effortlessly, catering to various professional and personal needs. From retail displays to conference presentations, our tablet mounts adapt to your requirements, enhancing your tablet experience.

Secure Your Tablet with Locking Mechanisms and Durable Materials

Our tablet mounts are designed to provide not only convenience but also security. The robust construction, made from durable materials, ensures your tablet remains stable and secure in any environment.

The secure locking mechanisms prevent theft and tampering, making our mounts ideal for use in public spaces such as retail stores, hospitals, and schools. This added security gives you peace of mind, knowing your tablet is protected from potential threats.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tablet Mounts and Kiosks

Q: Can I adjust the mount to fit different tablet sizes?
A: Yes, our mounts are designed to accommodate a variety of tablet sizes, with adjustable brackets and clamps for a secure fit.

Q: Can I still access my tablet's buttons, ports, and cameras with the mount?
A: Absolutely! Our Variable Tablet Mounts are designed with precise cutouts and openings, allowing full access to your tablet's buttons, ports, and cameras.

Q: How do I install my tablet mount?
A: Installation instructions vary depending on the specific mount model. However, most mounts come with clear instructions and necessary hardware for easy installation.

Q: What if my tablet isn't one of the listed brands?
A: While we primarily focus on the mentioned brands, we may have mounts for other models. Contact our customer support team with your tablet's make.

Discover Our Other Products

We sell much more than just tablet mounts and kiosks! We provide tablet cases and covers, LocPad® security enclosures and other various accessories for keeping your devices safe and efficient. We don’t just deal in tablet products either, as we also offer phone cases and laptop protection, too. If it helps protect your devices, Armour Dog will provide it!

Tablet Mounts & Kiosks

Display your tablets out in the open and create an unrivalled user experience with armourdog® tablet mounts and kiosks, where users will benefit from seamless 360-degree rotation. We support a variety of display solutions, regardless of the tablet device you have, whether you need a wall mount for an iPad or kiosk for a Samsung, or any other brand on the market, we have you covered.

Securely Protect Your Tablet 

We design our armourdog® tablet security mounts to protect your tablets in any open access area securely.  This means that they can be used in a retail store, a corporate office, schoool classrooms, restuaurants, cafes or warehouse.  Whatever you need to secure your tablet, armourdog has the right security mount for you. 

We offer innovative, minimal designs to allow unfiltered access to the full tablet experience.  These tablets can be rotated 360 degrees for both portrait and landscape oreintation, or easily tilted for the optimum viewing angle for staff or customers.  Our sturdy tablet mounts are VESA compatible and have four screw holes. As such, they can be screwed or bolted in place.  This means that they can sit steadily on a viewing tablet or be utilised as a tablet wall mount for added security.


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