Tablet Mounts & Kiosks

Tablet Mounts & Kiosks

Display your tablets out in the open and create an unrivalled user experience with armourdog® tablet mounts and kiosks, where users will benefit from seamless 360-degree rotation. We support a variety of display solutions, regardless of the tablet device you have, whether you need a wall mount for an iPad or kiosk for a Samsung, or any other brand on the market, we have you covered.

Securely Protect Your Tablet 

We design our armourdog® tablet security mounts to protect your tablets in any open access area securely.  This means that they can be used in a retail store, a corporate office, schoool classrooms, restuaurants, cafes or warehouse.  Whatever you need to secure your tablet, armourdog has the right security mount for you. 

We offer innovative, minimal designs to allow unfiltered access to the full tablet experience.  These tablets can be rotated 360 degrees for both portrait and landscape oreintation, or easily tilted for the optimum viewing angle for staff or customers.  Our sturdy tablet mounts are VESA compatible and have four screw holes. As such, they can be screwed or bolted in place.  This means that they can sit steadily on a viewing tablet or be utilised as a tablet wall mount for added security.


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