Tablet Accessories

Anyone with a tablet will want to get the right accessories to enhance their use. Tablet accessories come in a variety of styles, making it easy to match your needs. Whether you are looking for a tablet screen protector, a mount, or spare cables, we can help. We have everything you need to protect your tablet and make using it easier than ever. Turn your tablet into a POS kiosk with ease with accessories available now.

The best armourdog® tablet accessories

There is never a spare charging cable around when you need it, which is why we stock a range of tablet chargers to keep your tablet charged up. With angled heads, they are easier than ever to use with tablet holders, so you don’t have to worry about removing the device and losing protection.

Here at armourdog®, we are passionate about providing you with the best protection for your device. We have a range of locks to keep your cables and your device secure, with keyed system locks for keyboards and mice as well as combination locks.

We offer a wide range of popular brands for you, with the best Samsung tablet accessories UK to choose from. Take a look at our selection or contact our team for advice.


What accessories does my tablet need?

Depending on how you use your tablet, the accessories you need will vary. If you want to turn your tablet into a mini-computer, you’ll want a tablet mount, a keyboard and mouse, and a stylus. You may also want a docking station to keep it charged up, or charging cables that can easily be used with your tablet holder.

Which tablet accessories are best for businesses?

Tablet accessories make it easy for businesses to adapt to their clients’ needs. Universal payment terminal holders work with any payment device, allowing you to take card and contactless payments with ease. Tablet mounts enable you to fix tablets into your workplace, so your clients can use the tablets to place orders.

Do tablet screen protectors make a difference?

Screen protectors are essential for all of your devices, and tablet screen protectors can help prevent damage to the screen, whether accidental or intentional. Drops, scratches, and chips might show on the screen protector, but typically this damage will not get through to your tablet screen. It will remain functional thanks to the hard-wearing and impact-resistant protector.

Are tempered glass screen protectors best?

Tempered glass is a favourite amongst tablet screen protectors. It is more robust and durable than plastic protectors, which can be scratched easily and are thinner. Tempered glass screen protectors are usually between 0.3 and 0.5mm in thickness, helping to better protect your tablet or phone. They also feel more like your original screen and are very easy to clean.

Why should I use a tablet holder?

Tablet holders are great for keeping your tablet locked in place when you need it. They are extremely useful for businesses hoping to turn their tablets into point of sale kiosks, as customers will know exactly where to go to use the tablet and place their order.