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When it comes to buying new technology and accessories, you want to make sure you are buying from trusted brands. Here at armourdog®, we stock accessories for all of the best tablet brands for you to choose from, including Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Huawei, and Lenovo. If you are looking for the right case for your Apple tablet or the perfect mount for your Samsung tablet, you are in the right place. Shop the range of tablet brands below now.

The best tablet brands on armourdog®

At armourdog®, we are recognised as industry leaders, utilising our many years of experience to deliver quality products you can trust, as well as a bespoke design service for your business needs. That is why we stock accessories and products for the best tablet brands. You can keep your device safe and secure without compromise.

We stock the biggest global tablet brands, making it easy for you to find the protection you need for your devices. Shop products for Apple tablets, Microsoft tablets, and Samsung tablets now armourdog® prides itself on delivering high-quality products to suit your needs. That is why all of our products come with a two-year warranty. You know you’re in safe hands with armourdog®.


Which are the best tablet brands?

The best tablet brands have been proven time and time again as a result of successful sales and reviews from subject matter experts. One of the most popular is the Samsung tablet, which has proven popular with shoppers. Apple tablets like the iPad have received a lot of critical acclaim online from experts in the industry. Other tablets, such as the Microsoft Surface, has been praised for their adaptability to suit the needs of the user.

How do I choose the right tablet for me?

Choosing a tablet can be challenging, especially as the specifications of the devices can vary so much. One of the first things you should consider is the size that you need. If you are looking to use your tablet as a point of sale kiosk, you may want to opt for a larger size for ease of use. You should also check that the tablet you are looking at is compatible with the apps you need to add.

Are tablets good for businesses?

Tablets are an excellent way for businesses to enhance their services and offerings. Many successful businesses find that a number of tablet brands are great for point of sale kiosks. They can be used to take orders or allow clients to put their own orders in with ease. You can get carry cases for them to take menus over to the tablet for anyone with special dietary requirements, or for use in a warehouse to keep an accurate track of stock.

Are tablets still worth it?

Tablets are still extremely useful for businesses. The fact that they are portable makes them ideal for use in any environment, whether you work in manufacturing or in retail. They are cheaper than laptops and have a multitude of different uses, depending on your business needs.

What are the differences between iPads and other tablets?

Apple tablets run on iOS, which can sometimes mean that apps are not compatible. Other tablets, such as Samsung tablets, run on Google’s Android operating system, which has been found to be more compatible with a wider variety of apps and devices.