LocPad® Security Enclosures

The modern workplace requires modern solutions, which is where LocPad® tablet protection comes in. LocpPad® is designed to mount your devices to walls, floors, or desks, allowing your staff and customers to place orders or try products with ease. These secure tablet mounts are easy to install and look stylish while offering protection against would-be thieves. If you are looking for the most secure tablet case for your business, look no further.

Where to use LocPad® security enclosures

LocPad® secure tablet stands are perfect for retail stores, corporate offices, school labs, healthcare companies, restaurants or any other open access areas. The simple, solid design looks modern and stylish while protecting your device. Our comprehensive, flexible range offers multiple mounting configurations including wall mount, floor stand, or desk mount options, so you can easily add it to your place of work.

Compatible with Apple, Samsung, and more, you can install your LocPad® security enclosure in a matter of minutes. Start by choosing your manufacturer below then pick which mount configuration you need to get the best tablet protection case on the market.

With a two-year armourdog® warranty as standard, you can secure your device now. Check out the range to find the right protection for your business.


How do I fit a secure tablet stand?

LocPad® security enclosures are designed for easy installation, making protecting your device straightforward. Each mount comes with detailed instructions. Once you have secured the mounting tube, attach the enclosure to it. Then you’ll need to install the fit kit to the corners of the enclosure. Next, install the tablet and add the faceplate over the top. When these steps are complete, you can then install and lock the front metal enclosure plate for maximum security. Your secure tablet mount is now ready to use!

Which secure tablet mount option is right for me?

Your business is unique, and so the type of secure tablet mount you need will depend on your requirements. The variety of mount options for LocPad® give you the flexibility you need. First, look at the space in which you want to install the mount. If it is to be fixed to a table, a mounting tube or tilt mount will work well. Fixing it to a wall? The wall mount makes this easy. Flexible, freestanding mounts and full customisation are also available, so get in touch with your requirements.

Do I need a tablet protection case?

Using any technology in the workplace requires additional protection in case of accidental or deliberate damage. If you want to extend the life of your device and keep it secure from damage or theft, tablet protection cases are essential. The LocPad® mounts are secure and make using tablet computers easier.

Do I need to buy a new LocPad® security enclosure when upgrading tablets?

The beauty of LocPad® security enclosures is the future proof design. Each enclosure comes with swappable inserts for future tablets, so if you upgrade the devices across your business, you won’t have extra expenses to fit the new devices into your existing mounts.

Which tablets are compatible with LocPad® security enclosures?

LocPad® security enclosures are designed to fit a wide range of tablet brands. You can add secure tablet stands to your business for the following names: Apple, Huawei, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsung. If you have another tablet you want to use, please contact us and we’ll help you get the right mount.