Lenovo LocPad

Our Lenovo LocPad tablet kiosks are designed to be durable, secure and safe, this makes them perfect for fast-paced environments such as hospitals, retail stores, restaurants and more. Better yet, we provide LocPad tablet stands for the most popular Lenovo tablet models online. This means that you’ll find the right protective solution for your business with ease. 

Just decide which mount you require from the various choices below then select your tablet. Installation instructions are available in our support section. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Low profile wall mount. Only 13mm deep and perfect for meeting room scheduling systems and advertising. Straight wall mount. This smart solution sits approx 6cm from the wall and is supplied with a mounting kit. 30° desk mount. Angled not far off horizontal and is great for product displays and advertising. 30° wall mount. Our 30° mount can be positioned a bit higher than usual. Supplied with a mounting kit.
45° desk mount. Our best seller is set at the perfect angle for most applications. 45° wall mount. Very flexible angle, usually mounted just under 1m high. Supplied with a mounting kit. 60° desk mount. With a sharper angle, our 60° mount is good for higher installations, Eg. breakfast bars or restaurant ordering. 60° wall mount. Usually mounted around 75cm high. Good for schools. Supplied with a mounting kit
Tilt desk mount. 180° vertical rotation for an extremely flexible installation. Flip the LocPad over to share the screen with a customer.  Tilt wall mount. Allows the display to be adjusted according to requirements. Supplied with a mounting kit. Freestanding floor mount. Stands approx 1.15m high with a 45° angle. The heavy base allows the LocPad to be moved around. Fixed floor mount. Stands approx 1.15m high with a 45° angle. The base is designed to be bolted in place to a floor.

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