iPad Covers & Cases

Protect your tech at all times with iPad cases, covers and accessories from armourdog®. Our Apple iPad covers are designed to withstand knocks, scuffs and falls, helping you to keep your devices safe regardless of the environment.

We provide iPad covers for retail, hospitals, offices, factories, and other workplaces. Extend the life of your device today with shockproof cases and screen protectors. Our expertise will keep your tech safe, so contact us today with any questions you have or to place your order.

Shockproof iPad cases for businesses

iPads are perfect for businesses. Retail, offices, factories, hospitals, industrial warehouses and more use these portable devices for a range of purposes. They can be transformed into a point of sale kiosk, used to track delivery orders, or adapted for stocktaking. It is important to protect your tech from any damage, which is why our range of stylish covers and cases are popular. They provide the rugged protection your device deserves, with a range of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Businesses in demanding environments want the best protection, and rugged cases offer the security you need with straps and glass screen protectors. Our military spec shockproof case has been tested to withstand drops and knocks, making it our toughest case ever, and it is compatible with the iPad 10.2” (7th & 8th & 9th generation)

Hand and shoulder straps help prevent drops and damage, keeping the iPad securely within reach. Ideal for the foodservice industry, they allow your servers to quickly take and place orders without delay. Whether you want to buy a single case or you are looking to bulk buy for your business, we can help. Contact us today to discuss your business needs and to receive honest, professional advice from one of the UK’s leading brands of security kiosks, tablet enclosures, and cases.


Which iPad cases offer the best protection?

Shockproof cases offer the best protection for iPads. They are designed to protect your device from drops and knocks, and their versatility makes them ideal for use within any industry. One of the most secure iPad covers you’ll find is our shockproof case. Created to military specifications, it has been rigorously tested to ensure it is the toughest iPad case we stock. This case is designed to fit all 10.2” and 10.5” iPads.

How do I choose the right iPad cover for my business?

Here at armourdog®, we offer a variety of iPad cases and covers to suit your needs. Choosing the right cover for you will depend on your business and what you are looking for. We offer the full package with all of our iPad covers, giving you a secure case as well as a glass screen protector. If you need to keep your iPads nearby for ease of use during your working day, our rugged cases with shoulder straps are perfect for you.

How do I find the iPad model number?

The iPad model number will ensure you have the right case to fit your device securely. There are two methods you can use to find this information. The first is to look at the back of your iPad, where you’ll see the model number. Another method is to open ‘Settings’ and click the ‘About’ section. The model number will be shown in the top section.

How do I sanitise an iPad case?

iPads and other tablets are often used by multiple members of staff throughout your working day. It is important to keep them clean and disinfected, and our technical team has provided some guidelines and recommendations to help you.

We suggest turning off your device and removing all cables and power lines before cleaning. Using a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe on the body of the device will disinfect your device, and a soft, lint-free cloth can help to prevent scratches and damage to the screen and case. Before refitting your case, ensure the device is thoroughly dry.

How do I safely install an iPad cover?

Your new iPad cover should provide a secure fit for your device. At armourdog®, we provide instructions for installing an iPad cover online in a PDF or video format. Before you install your iPad case, it is important to thoroughly clean your device. This will ensure that no irritants, grit, or dirt becomes trapped between your device and the case. Most cases are easy to fit, as your iPad can be placed over the opening with even pressure applied to snap the case into place. If you have any questions about the best way to secure your iPad, call us for advice.

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