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Why Tablets in 2019 Will Revolutionise the Retail Experience
News outlets might try to shock people into a few clicks with headlines like ‘The Death of the High Street!’ or ‘Shopping is Dead!’ but the truth is that brick-and-mortar stores still have a lot of life in them. We believe that this life will prosper...
Are tablets taking over the Nautical World!
I had a really lovely chat with a customer last week who explained how the latest technology advancements meant that sailors weren't necessarily investing in expensive technology for navigation, weather and reports now.  New Apps on the market were...
10 Business Sectors Benefiting From Tablets and Protection
The sale of tablet computers has skyrocketed in recent years, and with good reason: they're the go-to devices for students and couch potatoes alike. But they're no longer just for casual use at home.
What's Next For The Tablet Industry?
What's Next For The Tablet Industry?
9 Advantages of QR Code Enabled Digital Menus
As a result of the global pandemic, the hospitality industry has seen a massive digital shift. Restaurants and other establishments have been compelled to embrace modern and innovative technology to streamline their business operations.