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The New Samsung Tab S6 Lite P610 P615 P613 P619
Samsung's Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is an Android-based tablet that was first released in May 2020.  Under the model numbers SM-P610 and SM-P615.  This tablet has now been superceeded by the new version which has the updated model numbers of SM-P613...
The New iPad 10.9 &  our Armourdog Product Range
One of my go to websites is the GSMarena for when I need to gen up on the specs of any new tablet.  For the new iPad 10.9 it was no different.  
About iPad POS Systems
About iPad POS Systems
How is tempered glass made?
In the previous article we discussed tempered glass screen protectors but never took the opportunity to explain exactly what the material is. We would like to do that now so you can see exactly why it is so good for protecting your devices. It may give...
The options available for tablet security
There are a number of options if you want to protect tablets left in public from theft. Businesses can select the right one for them, ensuring that they can maximise protection whilst also allowing devices to be used by staff, guests, and members of...