Which tablet mounting style should I choose?

Which tablet mounting style should I choose?

One question we are regularly asked about our tablet security mounts and kiosks is what style to go with. There are several to choose from to suit every different situation, from desk top versions to wall and floor mounted varieties. The choice generally comes down to which will meet your specific needs the most effectively. 

floorstandDesktop variants are great if you have furnishings in place that can be set aside for mounting the devices to. They can come with various types of necks to allow users to easily adjust the viewing angle. That way everybody can make use of them and have the best possible experience.

If you don't have furnishings in place or don't want to adapt them by screwing a mount or kiosk in place you can choose wall or floor mounted versions. The former can be installed onto all kinds of walls and will keep your device safely in place. Floor mounts are 1.2 metres tall and feature a sturdy base to keep them stable and secure.

The great thing about the kiosks is they are low profile whilst effectively enclosing the entire device. Options are available to suit different requirements, allowing you to decide whether you want to leave the camera and home buttons uncovered or cover them up if you prefer.

The best advice we offer in terms of which mounting option to choose is to keep in mind what setting the devices will be used in and what the aims of the users will be. If you want them to be able to spend a long time browsing, watching videos, or playing games, you may want to go with desktop mounted variants. That way they can get comfortable. If the aim is a quicker search, floor or wall mounts can work great and save space.

All of the tablet security mounts and kiosks are designed to protect devices from theft. That way they can be left unoccupied and allow people to use them at their leisure. If that is something you are looking to do, whether in a school, a restaurant, a library, or a business premises, we have the perfect products for you.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements; we will be pleased to offer recommendations and help you make the right choices.