The value of a tablet cover with a hand strap

The value of a tablet cover with a hand strap

Tablets are the perfect middle-ground between smartphones and laptops or desktop computers. They have the ideal sized screens for when you are working on the move and can have specifications similar to more powerful devices. The end result is you can complete a wide array of tasks with them and retain your mobility. 

One downside of working with tablets is that it can put a different kind of stress on your wrists, arms, back, and neck. With regular usage you could encounter an array of problems. Fortunately there are many things you can do to improve your comfort.

A great option is to choose a tablet cover that has a hand grip with a strap on the back. That way you can keep the device strapped to a hand that is opened flat. This exerts less pressure and also provides protection against dropping.

At Armourdog we have a range of products with hand grips on the back. The selection includes Microsoft Surface Pro covers as well as options for various Apple products and devices by other leading brand names. Whatever device you use you can rely on us when you want a comfortable cover that will protect the user and the device too.

Many of our new rugged 360 cases feature the hand grip and strap. They allow the tablets to be rotated any way you wish whilst keeping the device safely strapped in place. As a result the user can decide whether they want it to be oriented as landscape or portrait, and switch between the two at will.

The covers with hand grips and straps are used by businesses in all kinds of industries, from hospitality to energy. Wherever a tablet can be used the covers and cases will provide value, keeping it safe from drops, knocks, spills, and other issues.

If you would like to purchase high quality tablet covers from a leading name, Armourdog is for you. Please browse our website or contact us if you are looking for something specific. We are happy to offer advice.