The ideal product to protect tech in commercial settings

The ideal product to protect tech in commercial settings

Tablets have enriched the experience consumers have in all kinds of commercial settings. They are great for allowing exploration of products, make placing orders faster, and can keep people entertained while they are dining. The investment in the products can really pay off but you need to take steps to protect the devices. 

That is where Armourdog comes in; we offer a range of Apple iPad covers and security mounts to suit any requirements. In addition we have products to for a variety of devices from other manufacturers.

The most crucial thing is to ensure that the devices themselves are not at risk of theft, particularly with them being left unoccupied and available for general use. The security mounts achieve this by allowing you to secure them safely to tables or walls. That way they can be used by consumers, including being rotated if necessary, but cannot be relocated without first removing the entire mount. This deters theft.

If you want to go one step further you can choose a security kiosk rather than a mount. They provide even more security because the entire device is enclosed, protecting the edges in the process and only leaving the screen itself uncovered. That means there is no risk of people damaging the edges, ports, or buttons.

To drive security even higher you can add an alarm. That way if anybody attempts to physically remove the device from the mount a sounder will trigger and alert you to the event. The noise itself can deter thieves and allow you to take action quickly to protect the devices.

At Armourdog we provide a wide array of products for clients so they can maximise the safety of the tech, whether they use Apple iPads or devices from other leading names. We can support clients in choosing the right style of security mounts and kiosks to meet their needs. If you have any questions please contact us.