The New iPad 10.9 & our Armourdog Product Range

The New iPad 10.9 &  our Armourdog Product Range

One of my go to websites is the GSMarena for when I need to gen up on the specs of any new tablet.  For the new iPad 10.9 it was no different.  

Now I won't bore you with my opinions on which one is best as there are far more experienced technical wizards out there who can do this for me.  For example this link to the Radio Times comparison of the old  and new.

But what does this have to do with Armourdog? Basically we have a few issues when it comes to the new design…the new tablet 10.9 is physically different to the old 10.9  in all the ways that matter to a case manufacturer and this means a whole new range of products to develop.

So you'll see a brand new selection of cases and covers and as its so close to Christmas we've gone a little colourful and released some fun colours..  We've got the steadfast business suitable black versions to for our B2B sales.

The best way to work out if you have the older 10.9 2020 or 10.9 2022 is the model number which you can find on the rear of the tablet, on the box, or in settings.  That'll really help when deciding which case or kiosk you need. You don't need to get this wrong and it will save everyone time and money if we check these numbers first.

A quick glipse at the dimensions…you'll see the new one is thicker, this means immediately the old range of cases and kiosks aren't going to work…sorry! 

As mentioned above we've got cases now in stock but the new Locpad and kiosks are about a month away unforutnately. Bear with us and we'll release news on these new products as soon as we can.