Security mounts are safe yet practical

Security mounts are safe yet practical

Our business is one that seeks to offer protection to your technology. This includes Dell tablets as well as a host of similar products. As you may be well aware, devices such as these are now a critical aspect of the workplace, so everything must be done to keep them secure. Made with some of the toughest materials around and coming in several of designs, our Dell table covers, security mounts and kiosks tick all of the right boxes.

Our tablet security mounts and kiosks were created for the purpose of securing these mechanisms in open access locations. This includes the likes of retail outlets, coffee shops, corporate offices, school laboratories, and restaurants to name some. We are confident we have the products to keep devices safe in all of these settings without affecting the usability.

We have secure tilt and swivel security mounts for 7" to 10" tablet models from leading names like Dell and Apple. The simplistic designs enable easy installation in a variety of settings. Some of them feature flexible arms to help with rotating and repositioning devices to get the right viewing angle.

If you are worried about protecting the edges of devices, the ports, or any buttons on the sides our kiosks are perfect for you. They are similar to the mounts with the only difference being they enclose the entire device, leaving only the screen accessible.

At Armourdog, our tilt and swivel security mounts and kiosks are easy to assemble and come with extra padding to accommodate thinner tablets. In addition to the security that's already in place, all of our merchandise also comes equipped with a two year defect warranty just in case anything goes wrong.

If there is anything else that you would like to know, contact our team with your inquiries. We will help you to choose the perfect products for each and every setting, ensuring you achieve the level of protection you need.