Protecting tablets and increasing aesthetics

Protecting tablets and increasing aesthetics

One thing many businesses are worried about when it comes to choosing tablet security mounts and kiosks is the impact on the aesthetics. 

The devices themselves are designed to look sleek and be comfortable to use. It is not surprising that people are worried that putting them in a mount or kiosk will have an effect on this. There is no reason to worry though, particularly when you choose products from Armourdog.

We are really proud of how our products look; each has a clean design that protects the devices without affecting usability.

When a tablet is mounted or placed in a kiosk it can be rotated feely, allowing orientation for either portrait or landscape to suit the needs of the user.

In addition they can be tilted to change the viewing angle when necessary.

In terms of aesthetics, one of the greatest things about our products is they can come with your company logos making them unique to your business.

This means you can look at them as a piece of your marketing strategy. When people use them they will see your branding and colours rather than simply remarking on the brand of the tablet itself; this is more beneficial to you.

Please note minimum order quantities do apply - this is not suitable for less than 50 pieces due to the cost of setting up the logo.

Our tablet security mounts and kiosks can fulfil a wide array of requirements. Whether you want to use them as tills, so that visitors can browse and order products, to show more information, or to allow customers to play games and watch videos, we have products to allow