LocPad is a market leader in security mounts and kiosks

LocPad is a market leader in security mounts and kiosks

Tablet security kiosks have been growing in popularity for the last few years. More and more businesses, as well as organisations from the public sector, have been taking steps to introduce tablets into public settings. To do this though they need to ensure the devices will be safe and secure against theft. Locked security mounts and kiosks will achieve that. 

LocPad is one of the leading names in the tablet kiosk industry. They have created some of the very best products, ensuring they are both user friendly so they don't impact usability whilst simultaneously maximising protection. As a result it is not surprising they are appearing in so many different locations, from restaurants to schools, libraries, to retail stores.

When you choose a kiosk it is easy for the owner to mount and remove devices. The durable polycarbonate chassis encloses the whole device but can be opened and closed as required. A low profile tubular lock is in place to secure it, meaning you can leave devices with complete confidence.

You may be thinking it will be tricky to find the perfect kiosks to suit different sized devices. LocPad considered this and introduced a unique fit kit that adjusts to suit various requirements. As a result you can use them with a wide array of different tablets, from Microsoft Surface Pro to Apple iPad and many, many others.

In our wide product range you will find Microsoft Surface Pro covers, specialist covers for an array of other devices, and security mounts and kiosks that will work with all of them. We can help you to choose the perfect selection of products so you can position devices prominently within a space and ensure they are safe whilst still allowing visitors to make use of them.

If you are looking for products for a very specific make and model of tablet please don't hesitate to contact us for our recommendations. Our team are knowledgeable and committed to providing the best level of service for each and every client.