Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 2022 10.6 (Gen 3) Review

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 2022 10.6  (Gen 3)  Review

Further to my product range update last month regarding the M10  product range there was another kid on the block back in July last year that kind of went on the radar.  The new Gen 3 10.6 FHD Plus details from Lenovo can be found here Lenovo Datasheet ..the lovely people at Notebook Check have done a nice technical review - which isn't my speciality - I'm all about the cases and covers.

But for those of you who would like a deep dive into the technical aspects of this new edition with a guide on how it compares to similar products on the market I refer you to this website Notebookcheck  for a more detailed look!

See our website for updated releases for this Lenovo tablet and as it has a 3 year-year life span, it could be the tablet of choice for the foreseeable future.   Something I love to hear.

If you're looking for cases or covers on the armourdog website, just type in 10.6 in the “search our products” box to bring up the three models we currently offer (Feb 2023)