Lenovo M10 range gets a new addition

Lenovo M10 range gets a new addition

Currently available at Argos for  a mere £179.99 the new Lenovo M10 3rd gen 10.1" tablet is a new addition to the Lenovo range and as such now features under our Lenovo Tablet Cases & Covers section with a new release case especially for the new model M10 3rd Gen TB-328 or ZAAG.

Its vital to point out that this tablet differs to the previous two generations and therefore has its own case unique to the model.

We've also got a range of locpad solutions for the M10 range and we're busy working on the new Locpad M10 10.1 3rd gen right now.  hopefully to release mid Feb.  Watch this space for up to date news of its release.  The other M10 10.1 locpads just won't work I'm afraid.

If you want to find out more about the tablet itself head on over to the Lenovo site for more information.

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