How is tempered glass made?

How is tempered glass made?

In the previous article we discussed tempered glass screen protectors but never took the opportunity to explain exactly what the material is. We would like to do that now so you can see exactly why it is so good for protecting your devices. It may give you more impetus to purchase screen protection alongside our Apple, Microsoft and Dell tablet covers, security mounts and kiosks.

Tempered glass is preferred for device protection as well as windows and other panels that need to be highly durable. The material has between four and six times the strength of normal glass. To achieve this it undergoes heat treatment that rapidly heats and then cools it. This leaves the inner core of the material hot and pliable whilst the outer layer is cooled and contracts. The end result is stronger glass. Chemical treatments may also be used to get the same effect.

One of the biggest differences between tempered and normal glass is how it acts when it breaks. If the material has been treated it will break into more rounded pieces rather than sharp shards. This is very important for safety.

The actual process of manufacturing the material is very interesting. To start with the glass must be cut to shape first; it cannot be tempered and then cut as this has a high likelihood of breakage.

Once cut the glass needs to be very carefully inspected. If any cracks or bubbles are detected, regardless of how tiny they may be, the material cannot be put through the tempering process. If it was there would be a risk of breakage.

The next step is to gently sand the edges to ensure they are smooth, even, and clean. Once this is done the glass is washed to get rid of any dirt or tiny particles of glass. The material must be completely clean and dry before tempering can begin.

When it comes to heating the glass must be heated evenly and to the right temperature. The industry standard is said to be 620 degrees Celsius.

The quenching is done with high pressure air. It is blasted at the material at various angles to cool it rapidly whilst leaving the centre still warm.

Screen protectors made from tempered glass are generally multi-layered, featuring absorbent silicon, a film, clear adhesive tempered glass, and an oleophobic coating. This makes them very strong as well as providing both heat and moisture protection.

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