An interesting way to introduce tech into restaurants and cafes

An interesting way to introduce tech into restaurants and cafes

Tablets are becoming an increasingly common sight in various restaurants and cafes. Staff carry them for taking orders because they are faster and more dynamic than traditional POS systems. They make it easier to offer additional information about any of the items on the menu and add special requests to orders so they are clear and concise. The end result is a better service.

The above is not the only application for tablets in these settings though. Many establishments are choosing to install them on the tables themselves for visitors to use, for example libraries, and we’ve had a great relationship with Staffordshire county council installing our stands in their libraries for visitors to check into. This can enhance the experience the visitor has.

At Armourdog we want to help more restaurant and cafe owners to be able to introduce tablets to tables. We offer a fantastic range of products to allow them to be mounted safely and protected from being dropped, damaged, and stolen. We have a great range security mounts and kiosks so you can choose the right options for your needs. Some include a Kensington lock so you don’t always have to have stands screwed into the surface.

All of the security mounts and kiosks are designed so that devices can be safely secured without affecting usability. As a result, the screens are left clear and the tablets can be rotated 360 degrees or fixed in place. There are plenty of different options available so you can choose a style of mounting and cover that suits you, i.e. 45 degree, 30 degree, the all flexi goose neck or just a rotating base. The options should cover anything you need. A lot of our stands also come in white or black.

The products we offer are designed to be easy to install and suitable for a variety of different locations. If you need any help though, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We will offer advice and support you in introducing new technology to your business.