6 Ways to Reuse Your Old Tablet

6 Ways to Reuse Your Old Tablet

Nowadays, it’s common to have an old phone or tablet lying around. Whether you’ve bought a newer model or have replaced its use with a different device entirely, the old one is often left alone and forgotten about completely. Whilst they may pale in comparison to your new devices, they can still serve a purpose as a dedicated device for entertainment, cooking and even as a webcam.

Especially in today’s day and age, recycling has never been more important for the planet and your own personal expenses. Read on to find out the best ways to reuse your old tablet device.



Many laptop cameras pale in comparison with phone and tablet cameras. Rather than buying a new webcam or using the basic one that comes with your laptop, transform your old tablet into a webcam linked via your IP address, giving you a clearer image to come across as more professional on your work phone calls. 

Having a webcam is often essential for team meetings when you are working from home. There’s no better way to speak to them than with a clear-quality webcam. 


Kitchen Computer

The size of a laptop makes it very impractical for kitchen use. A tablet, however, is a great space-saving device that is easily cleanable if there are any spills or splatters. 

Start channelling the inner chef with your favourite recipe apps and cooking guides, take your organisation to the next level with a visualised shopping list and detailed kitchen itinerary, and integrate your cooking timers with your smart home so you know the exact time to take the food out of the oven. 

Your old tablet has everything needed to become the ideal kitchen companion. Whether you want to be hands-free in the kitchen or want to move around with it, make sure you use a case and screen protector to protect against any large splatters.


Smart Home Dashboard

Smart homes are part of the future, but that doesn't mean you need new technology for all of it. As not every smart home system comes with a control panel, you might be considering investing in a brand-new one. However, there is no need, as your old tablet can fit that role perfectly and serve as the main control system. 

We sell a range of kiosks so you can securely mount your tablet on the wall without worrying about misplacing it. 


Learning Device For Your Child

Technology is the future so it’s good for the next generation to learn how to use it in a healthy way. Merging fun and education together is the best way to keep a child engaged, whether you want them to practice their mental maths or become a multilingual prodigy, a tablet can help you achieve just that.

Detaching the device from any non-education apps and using it just as a learning tool is a great way to keep your child up to date with modern technology whilst promoting a healthy relationship with it. 


Toilet Entertainment

Before the time of phones, if you didn’t have a book for the bathroom, you’d often be sitting there reading the back of a shampoo bottle amazed by the ingredients. These days are thankfully now behind us, 

More often than not we have a smartphone to hand, making these struggles a challenge of the past. However, often forgotten about is how unhygienic it can be to use a phone in the bathroom, with germs easily spread across your screen. This is why it’s ideal to have a tablet dedicated to only the bathroom. 

A device where you can browse Reddit, check your emails or even play a quick game of solitaire; all with the safety of knowing that any germs on the screen will be gone once you wash your hands.  Make sure you keep it safe and protected from moisture and humidity, as frequent changes in temperature may affect your device depending on how old it is. 


Donate Or Regift It

If the above ideas aren’t for you, and there’s no other reason to keep hold of your old tablet, donate or gift it! Giving away things you no longer need is often reserved just clothes or furniture, but it also extends to technology. Recycling it is much better than keeping it stored away for years or destroying it akin to a scene from Office Space.   If you're interested in finding out more, here's a link to a few charities to help start your search Computers 4 Charity,  Air Ambulance Service, Turing Trust.

You can also gift it to a family member that might be new to technology; whether a grandparent or niece/nephew, they can appreciate it the same way that you once did.