How is tempered glass made?

In the previous article we discussed tempered glass screen protectors but never took the opportunity to explain exactly what the material is. We would like to do that now so you can see exactly why it is so good for protecting your devices. It may give you more impetus to purchase screen protection alongside our Apple, Microsoft and Dell tablet covers, security mounts and kiosks. Continue reading

Screen protection is a good investment

Tempered glass screen protectors can be used in combination with all Armourdog Apple iPad covers, kiosks and security mounts. With them you can keep screens protected from scratches, cracks, and other damage that would result in large repair bills. It is always more cost effective to replace one of the screen protectors than the screens of the devices themselves after-all. Continue reading

Protect the ports of tablets when mounting them

The greatest thing about Armourdog alarmed tablet security mounts is they provide the perfect balance of security and device usability. Regardless of the setting the mount will protect the tablet without restricting use. They allow 360 degree rotation, meaning the devices can be used landscape or portrait; whichever is best for the user. They also tilt to provide the best possible viewing angle. Continue reading

The future of the iPad!

Todays press release on the new range of iPad’s has ramifications for us all.  We’ve been hearing snippets of news about customers not being able to buy the Air 2 for a few weeks now.  We had already purchased a new iPad 2017 for our own testing and already we have found it to be slower, slower to charge with a battery life not even close to the Air 2!

So it seems a fair few customers are now receiving the iPad 2017 instead . Our thoughts this is s a great base product for consumers but it’s not heavy duty enough for the work environment.  The iPad Pro 9.7 would me the most suitable replacement.  However…….

From today’s news there is now no mention of the iPad Air range on the Apple website and now indeed no mention of the iPad Pro 9.7 – just the swanky new 10.5 and its accessories.

If you are buying iPads as part of business strategy .. along side cases..check and double check your model numbers.  You might find you’re not getting continuity of product from apple which will have knock on effects for your business if you need a suitable case to protect it!

here is the latest update based on today’s Apple’s release from the team at Engadget!


Armourdog at RBTE May 2017

Thanks to all the friendly people we met at the RBTE show this year.  Some of you using our stands and kiosks to support your business by means of visual displays, others using the kiosks as part of a total POS solution.  Loved seeing the stands and kiosks in action and thank you for your support.  A fantastic show!  See you all next year!!

Rugged 360 cases are perfect for various working environments

In the last week of May Armourdog will be releasing our brand new range of rugged 360 cases. These fantastic products have been carefully developed to ensure they will deliver the best level of protection without adding a huge amount of bulk and weight to the tablets. The end result is a safer device without compromising usability and comfort. Continue reading