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Are tablets taking over the Nautical World!

I had a really lovely chat with a customer last week who explained how the latest technology advancements meant that sailors weren’t necessarily investing in expensive technology for navigation, weather and reports now.  New Apps on the market were proving they could be reliable , save costs and indeed be just as informative.

I found this article on the web just reinforcing what I had discovered.  Well worth a read.

The future of the iPad!

Todays press release on the new range of iPad’s has ramifications for us all.  We’ve been hearing snippets of news about customers not being able to buy the Air 2 for a few weeks now.  We had already purchased a new iPad 2017 for our own testing and already we have found it to be slower, slower to charge with a battery life not even close to the Air 2!

So it seems a fair few customers are now receiving the iPad 2017 instead . Our thoughts this is s a great base product for consumers but it’s not heavy duty enough for the work environment.  The iPad Pro 9.7 would me the most suitable replacement.  However…….

From today’s news there is now no mention of the iPad Air range on the Apple website and now indeed no mention of the iPad Pro 9.7 – just the swanky new 10.5 and its accessories.

If you are buying iPads as part of business strategy .. along side cases..check and double check your model numbers.  You might find you’re not getting continuity of product from apple which will have knock on effects for your business if you need a suitable case to protect it!

here is the latest update based on today’s Apple’s release from the team at Engadget!