The Best iPad For Your Budget

Apple iPads are a worthwhile investment, offering you exceptional performance alongside a long battery life. Each generation of iPad gets better and better to give you the quality technology we have come to expect from Apple.

The problem comes when trying to decide which iPad is right for you. With different specifications, prices, and capabilities, it can be difficult to choose. That’s where we come in.
We have everything you need to make a decision on the best iPad for your budget, so read through the details and specifications to choose the right iPad for you.

iPad – starting from £319

You can’t go wrong with a classic, and the standard iPad is the most affordable of the four we’ve analysed. The iPad 10.2-inch is an exceptional all-rounder, allowing you to work, create, play, learn, and connect on one device.

Starting at 64GB of storage, the iPad has the capacity to use multiple apps at once. You can easily use two apps side by side, so whether you want to take notes or send emails while you work on a project, you can.

Boasting an all-day battery life, the classic iPad is also compatible with the Apple Pencil (1st generation) and the Smart Keyboard, so you can work on the go. With the right iPad case, you’ll be able to take it anywhere and work wherever you want.

iPad mini – starting from £479

The iPad mini promises mega power in a mini size, with an all-screen design so you don’t miss any of the details. Like the iPad, it has an all-day battery life and combines work, creativity and playfulness into the same device.

It’s especially useful for creative people, thanks to the USB-C port and various plug-in accessories you can connect. Apple’s website tells us that it is great to use when you “make music, run your business, and more”.

With so many apps specifically designed for the iPad and great potential for creatives, the iPad mini is a solid option, especially for students looking to work on the go.

iPad Air – starting from £569

With a higher price tag than the iPad and iPad mini, the iPad Air has been redesigned to include a more powerful chip. The M1 chip gives it up to 60% faster performance than previous generations, and this makes it perfect for multitasking or graphics-intensive tasks such as designing or gaming.

Like the other models, it has an all-day battery life, as well as a 10.9” Liquid Retina display to show you everything at once. Compatible with both the Smart Keyboard and the Smart Keyboard Folio, it makes working on the go easier than ever.

If you are looking for a larger screen, better camera, 5G cellular, and USB-C connectivity, this might be the iPad for you. It’s a lightweight and powerful tablet.

iPad Pro – starting from £749

By far the most impressive iPad is the iPad Pro. With prices starting from £749, it is more than double the price of the original iPad, but it offers mind-blowing performance and the best features. If you need a tablet capable of doing everything, this might be the one for you.

Unlike the other iPads, it has two cameras on the back, with a 12MP Wide and a 10MP Ultra Wide so you don’t miss a thing. The 12MP TrueDepth front camera is capable of taking incredible photos in any setting.

As with the iPad mini and the iPad Air, the iPad Pro has a USB-C connector. What makes it really unique is that it offers support for the Thunderbolt or USB 4, making it the most versatile on an iPad ever.

How do they compare?

Apple consistently works to give its customers exceptional technology and the latest advancements to make working on the go, creating something new, or simply connecting with others easier than ever. But what does this tech mean for you?

Here at armourdog®, we have collected all of the information you need on each iPad so you can directly compare them and find the best iPad for your budget.

iPad iPad mini iPad Air iPad Pro
Price From £319 £479 £569 £749
Display 10.2” Retina display 8.3” Liquid Retina display 10.9” Liquid Retina display 12.9” Liquid Retina XDR display and 11” Liquid Retina display
Chip A13 Bionic chip A15 Bionic chip M1 chip M1 chip
Back Camera 8MP Wide back camera 12MP Wide back camera 12MP Wide back camera 12MP Wide and 10MP Ultra Wide back cameras
Front Camera 12MP Ultra Wide front camera with Centre Stage 12MP Ultra Wide front camera with Centre Stage 12MP Ultra Wide front camera with Centre Stage 12MP TrueDepth front camera with Centre Stage
Connector Lightning connector USB-C connector USB-C connector USB-C connector with support for Thunderbolt/USB 4
Connector 4G LTE cellular 5G cellular 5G cellular 5G cellular
Apple Pencil Works with Apple Pencil (1st generation) Works with Apple Pencil (2nd generation) Works with Apple Pencil (2nd generation) Works with Apple Pencil (2nd generation)
Keyboard Works with Smart Keyboard Works with Bluetooth keyboards Works with Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio Works with Magic Keyboard with Smart Keyboard Folio

Which is the best budget iPad?

Investing in technology is often a big decision. Get the right tech and your life becomes a lot easier. Get it wrong and you may find that even the simplest of tasks becomes incredibly complicated. Thankfully, Apple works to ensure that each iPad is better than the last, taking the stress out of choosing the right tablet.

Which iPad is best for your budget? That all depends on your budget. If you don’t want to spend more than £500, you are best going for the standard iPad or the iPad mini. These tablets may not have all of the features of their more advanced counterparts, but they are still powerful tablets with great capabilities.

Got a bigger budget or greater business needs? You might be best opting for the iPad Air or iPad Pro. Both with the M1 chip, they offer exceptional performance and won’t take up too much space in your bag.

The right iPad accessories for you

At armourdog®, we know how important it is to protect your technology. Tablets used by businesses as kiosks or within warehouses to track and ship orders often have to endure a lot of wear and tear, which is why protecting your tablet with the right accessories can help.

We stock a range of iPad accessories, making it easy for you to keep your device safe. Whether you need iPad covers or you need to install a secure anti-theft tablet kiosk like the LocPad Apple mount, you’ll find what you need here.

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