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The latest from armourdog at Lente Designs Ltd

Armourdog at RBTE May 2017

Thanks to all the friendly people we met at the RBTE show this year.  Some of you using our stands and kiosks to support your business by means of visual displays, others using the kiosks as part of a total POS solution.  Loved seeing the stands and kiosks in action and thank you for your support.  A fantastic show!  See you all next year!!

Rugged 360 cases are perfect for various working environments

In the last week of May Armourdog will be releasing our brand new range of rugged 360 cases. These fantastic products have been carefully developed to ensure they will deliver the best level of protection without adding a huge amount of bulk and weight to the tablets. The end result is a safer device without compromising usability and comfort. Continue reading

Keep devices secure and charged simultaneously

A great way to amplify the security of tablets left in public settings is to literally turn up the volume by installing alarmed tablet security mounts. With them you can safely mount a device and install an alarm that will trigger if anyone attempts to remove it without authority. This can be a really great deterrent to criminals and will promptly alert staff to theft attempts. Continue reading

LocPad is a market leader in security mounts and kiosks

Tablet security kiosks have been growing in popularity for the last few years. More and more businesses, as well as organisations from the public sector, have been taking steps to introduce tablets into public settings. To do this though they need to ensure the devices will be safe and secure against theft. Locked security mounts and kiosks will achieve that. Continue reading

An interesting way to introduce tech into restaurants and cafes

Tablets are becoming an increasingly common sight in various restaurants and cafes. Staff carry them for taking orders because they are faster and more dynamic than traditional POS systems. They make it easier to offer additional information about any of the items on the menu and add special requests to orders so they are clear and concise. The end result is a better service. Continue reading

Security mounts are safe yet practical

Our business is one that seeks to offer protection to your technology. This includes Dell tablets as well as a host of similar products. As you may be well aware, devices such as these are now a critical aspect of the workplace, so everything must be done to keep them secure. Made with some of the toughest materials around and coming in several of designs, our Dell table covers, security mounts and kiosks tick all of the right boxes. Continue reading