Screen protection is a good investment

Tempered glass screen protectors can be used in combination with all Armourdog Apple iPad covers, kiosks and security mounts. With them you can keep screens protected from scratches, cracks, and other damage that would result in large repair bills. It is always more cost effective to replace one of the screen protectors than the screens of the devices themselves after-all.

There are several reasons why tempered glass is used for screen protection rather than standard materials. Firstly it is between four and six times stronger, meaning it can withstand much more usage before showing signs of wear. Secondly when it breaks tempered glass will not shatter into sharp, jagged pieces. Instead it will break up into smaller pieces that are less hazardous. This makes it great for use in areas and on products where the potential for harm to people needs to be reduced.

temperedWe provide high quality tempered glass screen protectors with many of our cases as well as offering additional ones separately. That means clients can easily purchase replacements so they can maintain the right level of protection for their device. There are a variety of sizes to choose from, ensuring clients can choose one that will fit their device perfectly.

Our rugged 360 degree Apple iPad covers and cases are amongst the products that come with a screen protector. The end result is a device with quality, all-around protection.

If you are a business or an individual who uses a tablet in hazardous environments and whilst on the move our products are for you. They will provide protection against spills, drops, and other kinds of impact based damage. The cost effective prices make them a much better alternative than risking having to get your devices repaired or replacing it if it gets damaged.

You can browse our full selection of products on our website to find the perfect ones for you. We can cater for orders of any size, including bulk purchases if you have a number of devices that need to be protected. Get in touch with us if you have any special requirements and we will explore how we can satisfy them.

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