Protect the ports of tablets when mounting them

The greatest thing about Armourdog alarmed tablet security mounts is they provide the perfect balance of security and device usability. Regardless of the setting the mount will protect the tablet without restricting use. They allow 360 degree rotation, meaning the devices can be used landscape or portrait; whichever is best for the user. They also tilt to provide the best possible viewing angle.

mountWith so many benefits it is not surprising that the security mounts are used by such a wide array of different big names. With tablet technology providing benefits for employees and customers in everything from banks and restaurants to public transport, the mounts are incredibly useful.

The tablet security mounts are easy to attach to different surfaces, from tabletops to walls. They will provide a clean, high quality finish. Once the device is mounted it will be held securely in place and be unable to be removed without the relevant key. Any attempts to forcibly remove it will result in the alarm being triggered. This will deter criminals and allow a quicker response to the attempted theft or damage.

One thing many businesses are worried about is leaving devices mounted in a way that leaves the ports uncovered. Although they may be safe from theft, people could still cause damage that would seriously limit how the device can be used. The solution is to choose a mount that keeps the edges covered or a kiosk that ensures it is enclosed. Only the port for the power cable is left uncovered, allowing the device to be plugged in so it remains powered on. This cable can be secured in place too.

At Armourdog we have built a fantastic reputation for the quality of our alarmed tablet security mounts and the cost effective price we offer them for. If you would like to find out more you can browse our website. Alternatively you can contact us personally to get our recommendations. We are always pleased to give advice and support clients in getting the protection they want for their tech.

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