The best uses for tablets for businesses?

Tablets have grown to become very useful tools in businesses of every size and shape. As the technology has improved so too have the features and the array of tasks they can be used to fulfil. From taking notes to placing orders and showcasing different products, they are immensely efficient and provide a great user experience.

One thing many businesses find themselves thinking is exactly where they can use tablets. There has been a lot of trial and error and something that works for one business is not guaranteed to do the same for another. There are also plenty of mistakes to avoid. One thing to keep in mind is some tasks are perfectly suited for tablets whereas others are not great. Here are just a few of the good applications they can fulfil.
Note taking – Tablets are the perfect size for recording all kinds of notes on the go. They are larger than smartphones so it is much easier to type quickly. Additionally they are smaller than laptops, making them easier to handle as you move around. With a single tablet you can take note of text, pictures, and even record video and voice messages; ideal for Estate agencies, facilities management organisations, hotels, pubs and restaurants.

Presentations – Again tablets strike the best balance between smartphones and laptops. The screen size is a great middle-ground and you can use programs like Microsoft PowerPoint with ease. Most tablets can be connected to projectors too, making sharing the presentations with a wider audience much easier.

Multitasking – As tablet technology develops so too do the features. Newer models have split-screen capabilities so you can effectively and efficiently do a number of tasks at once. For example you could browse the internet in one part of the screen whilst taking notes in the other.

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