Revealing the new iPad (2017)

new_ipad_2017_review_1200c_thumbApple released its new version of the iPad earlier in 2017. The occasion was a little unusual because the release lacked the typical fanfare of a product launch by the tech giant. In addition the branding had changed. The Air was no more and the device was simply being referred to as the iPad (2017).

The new version of the tablet has the exact same chassis design as the larger iPad Pro. It includes elegantly chamfered edges that curve to the back of the device. This makes it more comfortable to hold and work with. The finish is a slight brushed matte, giving it a classic look rather than the mirror finish of the previous model.

Possible the most important thing about the iPad (2017) are the statistics for the screen size, width, and weight. The tablet is 240mm x 169.5mm with a 9.7 inch screen. It is slightly thicker than other models at 7.5mm and also weighs a little more at 469g/478g.

The screen is another area that consumers always look at. The new model has specs that fit with the iPad standard, offering a 2048 x 1536 resolution and 264ppi pixel density. This means it is bright, sharp, and colourful.

The iPad (2017) is also packed with features. These include Touch ID, Apple Pay, 4G internet, and many others.

Where the tablet really excels is the battery and processor. It has a higher battery capacity than all of its competitors which should translate to longer life (this could also be the cause of the thickness increase). The processor is an A9 chip which will make it significantly faster than other models. Only the two Pro variants have better.

In all the iPad (2017) is a fantastic device that users will quickly fall in love with. It also has the added benefit that it comes at a lower price tag than other models, making it more accessible.

Here’s what you really want to know.. it’s physically a bit differnet from the Air 1 and the Air 2 so existing moulded cases won’t fit it.  It’s closer to the Air 1 but still has a little change in the button position so the existing armourdog Air 1 and Air 2 rugged 360 cases won’t work.  Armourdog will release a brand new iPad (2017) Rugged 360 case in the middle of May this year.  Pre orders are welcome.

The good news is that the Lente Designs iPad cases that exist for the iPad Air 1 & 2 models will work as they are not moulded specifically so they fit perfectly & yes the auto on/off works well!

Finally a lot of our Kiosks will be suitable for the iPad (2017) we’re busy updating the website but if in doubt , please email or call us and we’ll advise you.

At Armourdog we have a wide range of Apple iPad covers as well as security mounts and kiosks. They will help to keep your new device safe, whether you are using it at home or mounting it in a public space for employees, customers, or members of the public to use.

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