Adding your logo to security mounts and kiosks

Protecting your tablets when they are left in public settings for people to use is absolutely crucial. Our device specific covers and branded security mounts and kiosks can all help with this. The products are a fantastic investment and reduce the risk of damage and theft dramatically.

Of our wide range of products the selection we have from LocPad stand out in particular. They provide a great level of security and protection whilst also offering a unique benefit in that they can be branded to suit your needs. What this means is you can display the logo of your business on the facia to ensure it sticks in the mind of users. This is much better for you than having them focus on the brand of the device itself.

Making devices available for visitors to use is a great locpadway to engage with them but you want them to remember your business at the end of the day. Having your logo in place is a great way to accomplish that and will support your promotional efforts.

We can customise the LocPad security mounts and kiosks in various ways, allowing you to add different coloured text or artwork logos. They can be positioned wherever you like on the facia so they attract the right kind of attention. Keep in mind the protective products come with flexible mounts so the device can be rotated. This gives you more freedom to decide where you want your logo to be placed.

If you are thinking about branded security mounts and kiosks we urge you to contact us. The LocPad products are incredibly high quality and will deliver the maximum protection. The printed logo or artwork will look fantastic, stand out, and last too.

We are proud to work with clients from a wide array of sectors, including businesses in different industries as well as organisations in the public sector. We will address your specific needs, help you to select the perfect products, and decide how to customise them.

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