Apple iPad: The Mindblowing Facts & Figures

Last month, Apple announced it’s Q3 earnings.

Being the most valuable company in the world does have it’s benefits, especially when you have billions of cash in the bank that you can throw at new products.

Eight years ago, Apple released their first tablet onto the market, quickly eating up most of the market share with this new and innovative device.

Focusing on their iPad products, we’ve gathered together some incredible stats about Apple’s flagship tablet and how it’s influenced the company’s finances. Take a look below:

Why Tablets in 2019 Will Revolutionise the Retail Experience

News outlets might try to shock people into a few clicks with headlines like ‘The Death of the High Street!’ or ‘Shopping is Dead!’ but the truth is that brick-and-mortar stores still have a lot of life in them. We believe that this life will prosper – not with a complete overhaul to all aspects of the process and industry – but instead, with continual revolutions of select elements of the shopping experience.

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So very excited to hear from one of our customers The Tracklement Company

who have sent us pictures of their amazing stand at the show. And yes of course, they were using our armourdog locpad products. It looks so professional.

If you’re interested in promoting your products at this great show, here is a link to the website for 2018

Well done everyone & thanks so much for the fantastic pictures.

Tab Survey Solutions

We’ve had great pleasure working with these guys over the last few months.

If you’re interested in hearing about what they do, check out their website to see how they are using our products to assist their customers.

Its something here in the UK we’ve seen being used in department stores, airports and even restaurants.

Real-time customer satisfaction survey -Use our survey app for iPad to keep track of the single most important thing for your business…


Are tablets taking over the Nautical World!

I had a really lovely chat with a customer last week who explained how the latest technology advancements meant that sailors weren’t necessarily investing in expensive technology for navigation, weather and reports now.  New Apps on the market were proving they could be reliable , save costs and indeed be just as informative.

I found this article on the web just reinforcing what I had discovered.  Well worth a read.

How is tempered glass made?

In the previous article we discussed tempered glass screen protectors but never took the opportunity to explain exactly what the material is. We would like to do that now so you can see exactly why it is so good for protecting your devices. It may give you more impetus to purchase screen protection alongside our Apple, Microsoft and Dell tablet covers, security mounts and kiosks. Continue reading

Screen protection is a good investment

Tempered glass screen protectors can be used in combination with all Armourdog Apple iPad covers, kiosks and security mounts. With them you can keep screens protected from scratches, cracks, and other damage that would result in large repair bills. It is always more cost effective to replace one of the screen protectors than the screens of the devices themselves after-all. Continue reading